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Best experience with gaming, Vodafone.  (Download report)

Best experience with gaming, Vodafone. (Download report)

Second The Relationship In the May 2021 in Mobile Network Experience Open space, Which analyzes the January-March 2021 quarter, Vodafone Nationally Best Operator in 5 categories in seven locations, Especially in measurements that reveal the quality of service and the end customer experience.

In particular, OpenSignal acknowledges that Vodafone is third for the third time in two new measurements of gaming experience and voice usage experience, introduced in 2020, especially this year for customers who use gaming and video conferencing sites extensively.

Vodafone first in gaming experience

For the third time, Vodafone has been confirmed first in the gaming experience, surpassing all other operators with a score of less than 70. The metric of the gaming experience evaluates how much the network allows for the best gaming performance for customers on online platforms. Vodafone has the best combination of technical performance related to delay, pocket loss and tremor, thus providing the best gaming experience in Italy.

Vodafone won in the voice usage experience category

For the third consecutive time, Vodafone also won in the voice usage experience category. Voice usage metrics evaluate how much the network allows customers to support calls and video calls on online sites such as WhatsApp or Skype.

Vodafone wins over video experience

Vodafone is also first confirmed in the video experience. Vodafone’s video experience score rose three points from the previous report to 72 points to take first place.

Vodafone is number one in 4G availability

Vodafone recorded the biggest improvement in 4G availability, with a 3.7 percentage point increase in 4G connection time since the last report. Vodafone holds the record for 4G availability with a score of 96%.

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Vodafone has a high score for 4G coverage

Vodafone is again at the forefront of 4G coverage experience. For the fourth year in a row, Vodafone has been recognized as the operator with the most comprehensive 4G network, reaffirming its record for best security in the national region.