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Best Deals Before Prime Day 2020: Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch and iPod Sales

Best Deals Before Prime Day 2020: Echo Dot, Nintendo Switch and iPod Sales

With prime day deals coming up soon next week and Black Friday sales quickly following, it may seem like a weird time to buy anything online right now. If 2020 teaches us anything, things will sell out very quickly when everyone is shopping for them.

We saw it selling instantly with toilet paper in March and more recently with the Xbox Series X and PS5 pre-orders. So if you saw a deal on your favorite Amazon‌ today, you might want to buy it now before it goes away.

Here are the best deals we found before Amazon Prime Day:

2 echo drops – $ 40

As part of Amazon’s opening prime day deals program, you can now get two 3rd generation Echo drops for just $ 40. You must be a member of Amazon Prime and use the code DOTPRIME2PK At checkout to qualify for this promotion.

This is one of the best deals you can see on Prime Day on Amazon devices, so if you’re thinking of taking advantage of this 2 for 1 offer, you do not have to wait. With built-in Alexa integration, these smart speakers are a great addition to any smart home – especially if you want coverage in multiple rooms.

Nintendo Switch – $ 295

Nintendo Switch

While this is not exactly a deal in the traditional sense of the word, we spent enough buying holidays to find out that switch prices are skyrocketing faster than you might expect. There may not be many switch deals on Prime Day, so this $ 5 discount on the console is now worth your consideration.

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This particular model does not come with extra bells and whistles, however, if you want to catch a bundle with one of the best switch games paired, you might want to wait.

IPad mini (latest model) – $ 350

When it comes to iPod deals, prices vary quite a bit. We see a lot of good Prime Day iPad sales this year, but like most Apple discounts, they are not very substantial price reductions.

So if you are already planning to buy an iPad mini this year, the $ 49 discount on this 64GB version is worth a look.

TCL 50 inch 4K Smart TV – $ 280

4K TV deals are a lot more than they used to be. If you’re waiting for a quarantine with antique television in hopes of finding a great Prime Day deal, there’s no reason to wait.

TCL offers some of the best TVs and most affordable prices throughout the year. This 50-inch 4K Rock TV is usually priced at $ 80,480 on Amazon, but reduces the solid $ 200 discount to just $ 280.

Apple Watch Series 3 – $ 169

With the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 6 this year, we are already seeing some great Apple Watch deals on previous models. Although some older models of the smartwatch received a slight discount when Prime Day began, Amazon was also likely to run out of stock.

All in all Series 3 is a very good watch. One thing to note about this particular model is that it is GPS version only. This means it will connect to your phone, but will not automatically receive calls and texts.

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