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Berlin-Vienna in five hours: Rapid transport route to be expanded - Economy

Berlin-Vienna in five hours: Rapid transport route to be expanded – Economy

Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria want to extend the high-speed rail line from Berlin to Vienna, which should enable a journey of five hours. According to Union Transport Minister Andreas Squire, the three countries agreed on Monday. According to the CSU politician, the connection via Dresden and Prague should be part of the European network of new rail links.

The Berlin-Vienna link is expected to be completed by the mid-2030s, for which a tunnel will have to be built through the same mountains, Ferlmann (CDU), secretary of state for transport, said. The high-speed link between Berlin and Dresden should be ready by 2025.

The path is part of the so-called Trans-Europe-Express TEE 2.0Comment issued during the presidency of the German Council of the European Union in September 2020. It provides for the expansion of high-speed rail lines between European metropolitan areas. The use of night trains via Europe has increased.

Skier pointed out that railway expansion is necessary for both passenger and freight transport to achieve climate targets. He proposed to the Union Cabinet a new set of construction activities for waterways and railways.

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At the same time, the CSU politician attacked the Greens. We will focus more on how Greens behave in large-scale projectsSaid Squire. There is a difference between the Greens and the demand for more rail and approval for construction projects on site. No incentives or restrictions are required for flights, he said, referring to calls to end short-haul flights.

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The expansion of the Berlin-Munich Expressway led to a 30 percent reduction in air traffic. Regarding the prices for the aircraft, which were criticized by SPD presidential candidate Olaf Scholes, Shear said the EU had long decided that these would no longer exist. (Reuters)