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Bend the sky at Pokemon GO, what do the portals mean?  - Breakflip

Bend the sky at Pokemon GO, what do the portals mean? – Breakflip

Mysterious rings appear in the sky on Pokemon GO. What are these portals for?

For several weeks, strange rings appeared in the Pokemon GO sky.

These portals are available from Pokemon Go Fest 2021 and forecast the arrival of Pokemon Huba.

Strange rings of Pokemon GO

Following the global challenge Pokemon GO Fest 2021Coaches from all over the world were able to open it Ultra Bonus Week Part 3. However, the awesome Pokemon Hoba from the Pokemon GO game is still missing and coaches are still looking for it.

The circles in the sky have many rings in the path of Pokemon Huba’s arrival. In addition, search “Strange Rings” Pokemon GO Fest stunned players who expected to meet the fantastic Pokemon.

Finally, the Wonderful Pokemon Huba At this time the game’s loading screen is also on the table.

How to find Huba?

This time, Nyandik made no revelations about the arrival of Huba, the wonderful Pokemon with rings.

Still, based on all of these traces left over from his final weeks, it should come as no surprise that he is coming very soon.

For now, you can still catch the new Pokemon during the special ultra bonus part 3 week, which will allow you to appear in the famous Pokemon Sasian and Jamagenta 5 star raids. Other Pokemon from Sword and Armor versions are now available!