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Became the 3rd DLC League and the fans are going crazy

Became the 3rd DLC League and the fans are going crazy

Then The anger of the troops And The siege of Paris, It is hereAssassin’s Creed Valhalla Will no longer issue its 3rd DLC in the future. Although Ubisoft has not formalized its release date or its name, if we believe the rumors about Halway, a third volume of content is planned in the coming weeks. But as usual the D.L.C. And beware, this 3rd DLC may exceed expectations of fans.

Confusing content

In general, Ubisoft projects are vulnerable to leaks related to expert sharing of information. Dating. This is a boon for impatient players who can learn the secrets of new content before it is released. As they learn more, these players can count on the unwavering support of some intelligent regulars like YouTubers j0nathan and JorRaptor.

Secondly if we believe, the new season pass is expected next year. No matter who says season pass, it is necessary to state the abundance of content. A 3rd DLC has not been formalized but should be called “The Dawn of Ragnarok“. Lead the Kingdom of Swartolfheim, the domain of the Dark Elves, an unprecedented area that apparently embodies the role of its innovations. To start, Svartalfheim will have to put up a arena in which the player can face off against the Ascardian mythical creatures. Builder, Already defeated by Evo.

Additionally, you can get your hands on Odin armor, but you can also get 5 new sets of armor. Even better, like the gelatine, the new mini-bosses will go to this zone in an attempt to get rid of you. Known as the “Champion of Sinmara”, they are directly associated with the giant Chinmara closely associated with Surdur in Norse mythology. After Swartolfheim, it would make sense to take the player to move to the warm and bright area of ​​Musspelheim where Surdur will be the defender. In addition, Zoropter realized that by damaging game files, the player could face new legendary bosses.

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After the Cyclops and Gorgon Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, So in this 3rd DLC the player can expand their legendary hunting trophiesAssassin’s Creed Valhalla. Keep in mind that videographers do not want to share their identities so as not to spoil this intriguing part of this refreshing content. We see a new mechanic, a DLC who does not stand there from other innovations, through which the player will face the elite opponents sent across Swartolfheim, he must hunt to rescue the dwarves. Throughout this DLC, Eivor will open up new capabilities that will have different effects in the real world and in these mythical areas.

DLC scheduled for the end of the year or the beginning of 2022. Ubisoft is sure to officially announce this new content in the coming weeks.