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AVM FRITZ!  FRITZ OS 7.27!  Box releases to 7530 AX

AVM FRITZ! FRITZ OS 7.27! Box releases to 7530 AX

FRITZ! Box Manufacturer AVM New FRITZ for All Users Today! FRITZ OS 7.27! Released for Box 7530 AX. The update brings more than 70 new features and enhancements: Whether it’s a home office with video conferencing or streaming your favorite series, for digital learning or gaming enjoyment, the update brings many new benefits and all fridges to users! The products provide extra stability and protection. Users can easily prioritize their home office notebooks or computers. The phone has a new start screen showing current weather information and forecast! FRITZ! Update FRITZ for OS 7.27! The Box 7530 is available in German, international and A / CH versions of the AX, and FRITZ! Box can be started with a single click through the user interface. Other Fritz! AVM also recommends that all users check the mesh overview to see if there are any updates to products such as repeaters or Powerline. More information about this update can be found below or at AVM.

Download -> Download for FRITZ! OS 7.27! Box 7530 AX

With each update, AVM improves security, so it is recommended that every user update as soon as possible. FRITZ! Update FRITZ for OS 7.27! Box 7530 AX Now FRITZ! Available via Box user interface and downloaded from AVM. FRITZ! Open the box user interface -> Enter the in the web browser -> Click Help -> Update -> Start the update by clicking “New FRITZ! OS” and follow the instructions to get the new FRITZ! OS.

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FRITZ! Update for OS 7.27 is now available for download from AVM:

FRITZ! New features with OS 7.27 FRITZ! Box 7530 AX

  • The right way in the home office – can easily implement computer priority for internet access.
  • Phone displays weather forecast on start screen!
  • FRITZ! “Wake / Sleep” light array for DECT 500 and compatible DECT LED lights.
  • Great indoor climate with FRITZ! DECT 440 – Moisture is easily visible.
  • Fritz! Smart Home now also supports compatible roller shutter controls.
  • To the fax machine attached to FRITZ! Box: Journal for received and sent faxes.
  • Many improvements in the user interface for the use of phone book, call redirects and call block.

FRITZ! The update to OS 7.27 includes the following new features and improvements:

Internet ->

  • Improvement: Deutsche Telecom: Automatic setting of phone numbers when connecting to a fiber optic modem via WAN / LAN 1 (Easy Support).
  • Fix: VPN connections are sometimes broken after long connection time based on third party solutions.
  • Fix: In some situations, WLAN devices on the home network could not be accessed via VPN.


  • Improvement: Increased stability
  • Fixed: Problems when registering repeaters after changing WLAN encryption from “WPA2 + WPA3” to “encrypted”.
  • Fix: With encrypted WiFi, the WPS functionality for WiFi guest access does not work reliably.
  • Fix: The legend below the graphic “Allocation of WLAN Channels” is not shown in one line (“WLAN / Radio Channel” page).

Phone ->

  • Change: A necessary change from Google for the future use of an online phone book.
  • Fix: When using commercial telephone platform “Telecom Companyflex” the phone numbers will no longer be recorded after editing in the user interface.
  • Fix: Call modules will not be displayed if they have input without a phone number.
  • OK: Search by phone name is possible, but not by phone number.
  • Fix: The internal fax function cannot be set if there is input without the phone number in the phone book.
  • Fix: When using an encrypted phone, after the caller has stopped calling before accepting the call, FRITZ! The phones in the box may sound endless.
  • Fix: Three-way conference on analog phone does not work in isolated cases.
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  • Fixed: Some functionality is no longer available after a long runtime (e.g. media player, search update …).

System ->

  • Change: Bush service: Various changes to the text of the email “Change notification”.
  • Fixed: In some cases Google Authenticator code could not be entered in the user interface.

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