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Autonomous driving, new Arco AI lidar sensor "sees" up to 400 meters

Autonomous driving, new Arco AI lidar sensor “sees” up to 400 meters

To provide the truth Autonomous driving, Focuses not only on work software, but also hardware. In fact, cars should have sensors that allow you to better see the environment around you at all levels. Systems should always have a correct idea of ​​what is going on around the car, both day and night, rain or fog.

For this, many sites use, in addition to cameras and radars Lidar sensors They allow you to map the environment and better see the obstacles on the roads. Thanksgiving technology For Arco AI Has made an important leap forward.

The company that creates the autonomous driving solution and is in them It also invested in Volkswagen and Ford, Announced the new “Arco Lite“According to Arco AI, the new high-resolution sensor can” see “up to 360 degrees The maximum distance is 400 meters, Becomes the center of gravity of its “Arco Self-Driving System” site. The secret of this new product is called “Geeger-Mode”.

In practice, the sensor is also capable of detection The smallest particle of light (Single photon). This way you can “see” objects that reflect less than 1% of light over long distances and even in the total darkness of night. In addition, it handles abrupt changes from a dark to a bright environment. For example, think about when you leave a gallery. Sensor capable of distinguishing very small moving objects.

Arco AI has announced that it is working on producing its new Lidar sensor series. The first batch has already been used in cars where the company is testing its autonomous driving solution on the roads. Stage “Arco self-driving system“The new sensor will therefore be used by the company’s partners and customers. Therefore, Ford and Volkswagen will also be using it.

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In this regard, please note In 2025 The German manufacturer is aiming for a throw Passenger Transport Service Self-driving with its ID. BUZZ is equipped with technologies developed by Arco AI.