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ATER is not rated in the Budget Commission

ATER is not rated in the Budget Commission

Power. A serious chaos that rules the Basilicotta region. Chairman Vito Party, in addition to overcoming the reorganization of the council, must continue to manage the abdominal pain of regional councilors, which inevitably affects working through verostro. It is now well known that there is no reconciliation within the center-right parties. Over the past two years, we have become accustomed to the fierce struggles between the various parties of the majority supporting the regional leader.

However, what is unfamiliar to us and what creates a particular surprise is how councilors of a party who have appointed one of their “comrades” in the movement to lead a sub-regional organization ignore that number. The scene we were expecting took place on Thursday during the work of the Second Regional Commission. To make the work interesting: The Inquiry of the Attorney of Matera Lucrezia Guida, President of the Luganian League.

In the Lega quota (one of the first companies not selected in the 2019 regional elections on the Carousel list) Matera was appointed to lead the regional organization. Au Guida has decided to quit his job during a referendum on Ater Matera’s “final budget for 2020” and “change in the 2021 budget and monetary budget” (not even with a legitimate colleague Tina Cilio), following an inquiry by Lega Pasquale Cariello’s regional councilor.

Northern League player Carrillo wanted not to support his party colleague. However, it was a moment that most clearly expressed the abdominal pain that had arisen for some time in Luganian carousel. According to locals, Carrillo’s choice was not taken lightly, but was well considered. Au Guida has, for some time, been condemned in Cronache’s trial for being at the center of a conversation that did not please Logan and the Logan governor for managing the Ater of Matera.

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We recall that his appointment had already directed the opposition’s attention to the dubious regulation of the requirements for Ater to serve as sole director. One story is not entirely clear and Lucanian would have seen again and again that the party was dark with the leaders of Carosio.

To make the mentor’s position even more difficult, there would have been a press conference conducted by Kronach, which led to Anak wanting to see clearly. The press investigation into the alleged attempt to censor the guide through a legal letter written to Kronach Luken. The league continues unabated and the mentor gains less and less consensus even among his own party colleagues. How will Purdy pick up this time