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At Otto, Twitch and podcasts become part of the media mix

At Otto, Twitch and podcasts become part of the media mix

“Make Your Home Your Home” in Otto 2021

“Our own home has gained prominence again over the past few months. We are taking this into our current campaign because many of our customers still do not know how strong Otto is with its own brands – we are showing it in this campaign,” says Rodja Schmidts-Hapsch, product-leading marketing communicator. In particular, own brands such as Andos, Ledger Home and the newly created sustainability brand Otto products attract attention. The campaign begins with the Scandinavian design-inspired brand Andos, followed by the Ledger Home label, under which model Lena Kerke has been exclusively selling furniture, decor and home furnishings with Otto since the fall of 2020.

Auto operates moving image formats on TV for 15 seconds and online for 20 and 6 seconds. In addition, Otto will be using Twitz for the second time in his media mix, and will be streaming streams sponsored by Dinkerlio and Softigesnu in the first campaign in late January. Both streamers play a simulation game called The Sims 4, setting up houses in the game and using products found in in one way or another. Viewers can win “Sims 4” games in both streams. Along with this campaign is a discount campaign on furniture in Otto’s online store and Otto app.

Through “Make It at Home”, Otto also uses podcast advertising for the first time in a campaign. Points run in front of selected episodes of presenter Paulina Rojinski’s “Bodkinsky” podcasts, with presenter Barbara Schonberger’s “A Woman with a Woman” and the influential couple Ana and Tim Johnson’s “Die Johnsons”. Podcast bookings were made directly through Spotify and via podcast marketer Juleb. Game