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At Olbia's concert, Solinas drops Salmo and shoots him at Fedes

At Olbia’s concert, Solinas drops Salmo and shoots him at Fedes

Statements by President Solinas.

“Fire damage cannot be repaired by starting another Unexpected concert In Olbia with the intention, to support the population damaged by the fire, at least, can provoke an epidemic The youth crowd is crowded and insecure“This was stated by the head of the region, Christian Solinas, who defines it Concert by Sardinian rapper Salmo A serious and dangerous mistake.

“The president continues to say that this event was recognized by the region because it was a mistake Written by singer Fedes, With whom he was hired Connects the shortcut of accusations and insults This – says the President – motivates me to intervene to clarify the truth, even if there is very little interest in me. ”

“So my friend Federico Leonardo Lucia, or Fedes, I know I do not authorize any events – Solinas continues -. As for the way and the tools Protect not only the Sardinians but also our welcome guests like him from the virus, Every day, every moment, know that there are thousands of people who do not engage in chatting under the umbrella Spend time on the field with generosity and dedication ”

“As well The rules were not violated We need to protect ourselves from infection and not break even the right communications, especially because of their reputation, leading to greater accountability, ”the president concludes.

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