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As of May 15, there are no restrictions (yet)

As of May 15, there are no restrictions (yet)>

Is it intensifying now – or has it not come yet?

From May 15, the new data protection rules for WhatsApp will be stricter – or will they? At the Zuckerberg home, there was now a fantastic character back then: because dissenting users might notice it less at first than they initially announced. A spokesman for WhatsApp said that from May 15, even if the user does not agree to the new terms – all functions will be retained. U.S. media service TechCrunch reports.

Nothing will happen from May 15

The changed terms of use for WhatsApp will take effect very soon. Because of this, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of displaced users in advance – including many top celebrities who have seen competing products in public. Following massive criticism of data usage earlier this year, the company postponed the date to May 15. For many users who have not yet agreed to the new Terms of Use, time is running out. What if I do not agree? Now we know: it will happen once – nothing.

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Unauthorized users will lose functionality – “after a few weeks”

Users who do not agree to the new terms will not lose access to their accounts or any of their activities on May 15, WhatsApp spokesman Tech Crunch said. After a few weeks these users will lose many important functions – no matter how many weeks they are not connected. In February of this year, WhatsApp FAQ pages gave the impression that users would lose functionality immediately after May 15th.

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WhatsApp has also made it clear that there is no specific date for users to lose functionality or feel restricted. A spokesman said the restriction would not apply to all users at once. “We will continue to provide reminders on WhatsApp to these users in the coming weeks,” the spokesman said.

What are the reasons for the roll going backwards?

Why is this stock going backwards at a time when the image of service is already badly distorted – is this simply brilliant intelligence? Rarely possible. Because in terms of user numbers, Facebook’s best messenger service is better positioned than ever. A WhatsApp spokesperson said that most of the users who have informed WhatsApp about the planned update in recent months have accepted the update. And usage continues to grow, without giving the exact numbers, a spokesman said. The company has not disclosed how many users have been notified of the planned update so far.

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However, Facebook’s latest annual reports show that the company’s total usage family had 3.45 billion monthly active users as of March 31, 2021, after 3.3 billion on December 31 and 3.21 billion on September 30.

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