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Arthur's visit to Ghost's Goblin Resurrection, Copcom and first video diary

Arthur’s visit to Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection, Copcom and first video diary

Goblin resurrection of demons Returns to show himself with the first Video diary Copcom provided by Arthur returned And the whole mob of zombies, goblins and various monsters that accompany him on his journey.

Released at the December Game Awards, Ghost’s Goblin’s Resurrection is the most interesting Nintendo Switch exclusive that was shown last month with a 10-minute video, which made the game a little clearer. Questioned.

That’s one To raise More styled செந்தரம் Series: Resurrection of Ghosts n Coblins is a modernization of the popular arcade action platform that maintains all the original traps 2D graphics And tight action.

According to tradition, we can expect one Challenge level This first video diary of the series, which is expected to be the introduction of the expected Ghosts n Goblins resurrection approaches on the Nintendo Switch, has been confirmed by producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Peter Fabiano. February 25, 2021.

The series in question has achieved well 35 years Being in the video game world and not being seen much, especially recently, it is still an iconic and historical topic. To be true to the original, the development of Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection also collaborated with Tokoro Fujiwara, now the CEO of Wobby Camp, but at the time was the director of the game for Capcom.

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