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Are party animals coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Party animals Is Ing ing on the twitch Ever since the demo was released as part of the Steam Game Festival, but is the game coming to Nintendo Switch? The game initially aimed only at the PC experiment on Steam, but the developers have recently shared plans to indicate that the game is coming to other platforms such as Switch. Party animals have fun with friends and feel at home on the local multiplayer party game Nintendo Switch. Here is everything we know Switch on party animals.

Are party animals coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Party Animals is coming to Nintendo Switch at the end of 2020. The switch version will be released along with the PC version by the end of this year. Recreate Games decided to create a switch version of the game after the release of the demo of the game received huge support.

“We were overwhelmed with reaction Party animals Demo at the Steam Game Festival a few weeks ago, ”said developer Recreat Games. “It’s literally a ‘beautiful overload’ case, because the demand exceeded the capabilities of our third party servers and crashed the game! Excited, and for a small studio like ours, this is a good issue. ”


Party Animals is a physical-oriented brawler similar to other indie hits such as Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat. Here is the official description of the game directly from the developers. “Here Party animals, Increase physical bonds with those you love. You can punch your friend in different ways or you can eliminate others together. Teamwork was also much appreciated, especially when fighting for gummy bears. ”The game supports both local and online multiplayer and has many absurd stages with dangerous hazards that can cause tons of destruction during a multiplayer session.

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