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Nintendo Switch: After the calculator turned into a xylophone

Nintendo Switch: After the calculator turned into a xylophone

Last week we saw the release of a special new software Nintendo Switch. We can find an array of experiences that are relevant to any player within the eShop of the Nintendo Hybrid Console. From Triple A to more independent titles, to the best classic to modern remakes, but no one expects to see the release of the digital calculator one day, or even the software The switch turns into a musical instrument.

Let’s talk about Xylophone, A new title recently appeared on the Nintendo eShop and created by the same team that released the Clockbook last week. Again, like the calculator, the Nintendo Switch gets software that does nothing but convert the console to a digital version of the musical instrument that gives the title to this experience, thus allowing players to play various notes with the console keys.

Unlike a calculator powered by a digital calculator, the xylophone for the Nintendo Switch is fine. 9 music tracks Can be played by following the flashing notes on the screen as the song progresses. In addition, there is a free play mode for musicians to experiment with by composing their favorite songs. Like the calculator, the xylophone is on sale for around € 9 in Eshop.


We did not expect to be able to find a new game for the Nintendo Switch so soon and especially with Glockulator, but apparently the Sabeck team wants to surprise us with their creations, which are no surprise. If you are interested in this new release, we confirm it The xylophone will be released tomorrow, May 19th For Nintendo Switch only.

You do not need a calculator or xylophone, but if you want to enjoy the infinite game room of my huge hybrid console, you can buy the Nintendo Switch on Amazon This address.