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Arch Linux based Manzaro 20.2 is ready for download with Nifia Xfce, GNOME and KDE

Manzaro is one of the most popular Linux based operating systems these days and it is not difficult to see why. It is based on the rock-solid arch, but unlike that dystro, the Manzaro is much easier to install and use. In other words, it has all the benefits of arc, but without the hassles and headaches. This makes it an excellent choice for Linux professionals and beginners.

Today, the Manzaro 20.2 “Nifia” is available for download on desktop environment options – Xface (4.14), GNOME (3.38.2) and KTE Plasma (5.20.4). All three DEs are great, but Xfce is what developers consider “primary.” Said, The Official Release Notice The GNOME variant claims to have received most of the changes in Nibia.

“Kernel 5.9 is used for this release, which is similar to the latest drivers available to date.

Mல்லller adds, “Our installer Calamares has received a number of improvements, including support for encrypted systems without encryption / boot partitioning. Still uses full disk encryption by default. “

Ready to install one of the best Linux distributions on the planet? You can download Manzaro 20.2 “Nibia” ISO using the links below. If you want a pure Manzaro experience – just like the developers want – you should get the Xfce variant. I recommend trying both the GNOME and KTE plasma versions.

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