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Apple's iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max share the same camera gear

Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max share the same camera gear

Although they will not be officially released until next September, rumors about the iPhone 13 are widespread. The latest features are about having very thick photo blocks in order to accommodate more features.

Runoff, Apple version. The California manufacturer plans to bring the photographic performance of its iPhones even closer within the same generation. Our colleagues at MarRumors confirm As well as the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will share the same photo modules. The iPhone 13 will also see a technology reserved for this time Very expensive on iPhones.

Mechanical stabilization for all

According to Macromar, the photo island of the iPhone 13 is expected to be 2.51mm thick, which is 1.01mm thick. l’iPhone 12 (1.5 mm). At these millimeters, Apple holds the mechanical stability of the sensors not only in the wide-angle module, but also in the ultra-wide-angle. This time, onlyIPhone 12 Pro Max Embedding such stabilization, for example, allows better quality when the break time is longer. For its part, the 13 Pro has its island nearly 2mm, 1.7mm. 12 Pro 3.65 mm in 13 Pro. With this thickness, it will deliver photo equipment similar to the 13 Pro Max. So on the 12 Pro we see a 2.5x telephoto module against 2x and a larger sensor on the main module. And not only the height of the island has changed. In this process, its surface will be 36 x 37 mm wide, currently 28 x 30 mm on its back. 12 Pro. Many dimensions of stabilization Everything is Apple Pro’s predictions, Released April 2021.

Despite these differences in different photo islands, the new iPhones should not be too thick. Expects 7.57mm thickness in Macromers 13 and 13 Pro. 0.17 mm compared to the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro (7.4 mm). If this evolution of waist size is not felt by hand, the ergonomics of the mobile may be further modified. To accommodate the modules, the side buttons will slide a little lower at the edge. At the moment, no new primary features are expected on the 13 Pro Max. Therefore, he should be content to speak widely of the formula of his predecessor hopeful predecessor. Analyst Ming-chi Guo says the adjustment should only be made, For example, the lens opens at f / 1.5 against f / 1.6 in the main volume of the 12 Pro Max. This adjustment policy should be reaffirmed by 2023. So the iPhone photo will have to wait a little longer for the real change to come.