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Apple Music 3.4 is out now, with iOS 14 features (APK download)

Apple Music 3.4 is out now, with iOS 14 features (APK download)

Apple is preparing to launch iOS 14, which means there will be upcoming updates for all of its computer applications, Including music. The company seems to be working on bringing these latest changes to Android soon Apple Music Beta v3.4 Already playing almost everything new that comes with iOS 14: a new icon, advanced search, autoplay and now listen, it replaces the old part for you.

Above: Apple Music 3.3 Below: Apple Music 3.4 Beta.

The first things you’ll notice when launching the new version are the new icon, always a slightly less saturated red accent color and status bar – it is now as white as the rest of the light theme and fits very well. The menu items below have also been changed, and there is a new Listen Now section that changes the tab for you. In it, you will often find the same things, even if the layout has been redesigned. The search icon has also been moved to the bottom bar. When you tap it, you will be prompted to browse the categories if you do not want to search for a particular word.

Left: Apple Music 3.3. Middle & Right: Apple Music 3.4 Beta.

In version 3.4, the background album of the playing screen is now made to change from cover colors, although the general layout remains the same except for the sequence. When you go to it, you will see that an automatic feature will automatically play the music when your selected playlist or song is finished, which is compatible with other streaming services. You can turn it off via the new infinity button if you wish. It is now possible to add what you are currently hearing to your Snapshot, Instagram or Facebook story by tapping and selecting the three-point overflow menu Share song.

Left: Apple Music 3.3. Middle & Right: Apple Music 3.4 Beta.

There are also some changes in the settings: Finally there are easy-to-manage options for cellular data usage.

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You can try to join Apple Music Beta Project on Play Store, But it currently seems packed, so you might want to Download the update from the APK Mirror Directly instead. Keep in mind that this is a beta, which means it may be lower than the regular release.

After a brief beta, Apple Music 3.4 is now standard for all, with all the changes listed above. The update is now out in the Play Store, but you can grab it here as well APK Mirror if you like.