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Anyone who downloads TV series illegally can disconnect the Starling service

Reddit user “Foot Mole-97” found it in his skin Starling SpaceX does not tolerate freeloaders watching TV series Illegally: The boy tried to download videos on peer-to-peer, which the company immediately sent him first Warning.

We urge you and / or others who use the Starling service to refrain from illegally downloading copyrighted content. Downloading copyrighted material without a license may result in termination or suspension of your service and legal action by the owner of the content.

Read the message received by the user.

The editor deliberately and deliberately tried to incite illegal objects to see how this system works. After two months of minor violations, almost invisible things, the user decides to bring the target higher and plunders using Starling “CBS Show“, A series produced by one of the 500 largest companies in the United States.

Receiving such notifications represents a very common situation from stars and dash providers, although it is not clear whether the SpaceX satellite network has already integrated similar short stories. Our hypothesis is that the space agency tries to proceed cautiously to avoid creating enemies or attracting bad attention during this highly sophisticated launch, so it has come up with all the appropriate defense systems.

Starling Pirate Series

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