Windows 11 is finally here. The new Microsoft operating system brings with it many innovations that are more or less popular among Windows 10 users. If you want to do a free update, you need to make some arrangements. It does not work as easily as before. If you want, you can install Windows 11 immediately without waiting.

Windows 11: Get ready for the upgrade

Upgrading to the latest version of Windows was easy. Microsoft released the new version and installed it. With Windows 11, this will change when you switch from Windows 10 for free. System requirements are very high and not every computer meets them. Therefore, you need to make the following products:

  1. Check the system requirements for Windows 11
    Windows 11 system has high computer requirements. You do not have to log out of the data sheet, Microsoft has made a tool available for download (Download tool), Through which you can check your own computer. Secure Boot will need to be enabled in the BIOS to overcome all obstacles. TPM 2.0 should be even. Even if Microsoft has already loosened it, you can still get the check with the older version.
  2. Protect and organize personal data
    There is never a better time to take a big backup of your most important data. During a major update from Windows 10 to Windows 11, something can always happen. Save your most important data, photos and videos to an external data carrier and keep your computer tidy at the same time. It also creates space for updates.
  3. Install all updates and current drivers
    Today it is best to see if there are any Windows updates open. Microsoft often sends small updates to prepare for a major update before release. Install it directly so as not to delay the major upgrade process unnecessarily. This also applies to drivers for graphics cards and other devices. Bringing everything up to date to start the current system in Windows 11.
  4. Install Windows 11 immediately
    When Microsoft releases Windows 11 for you, take some time for it. Since the rush is high, it may take some time until the download is complete and the installation begins. So do not install Windows 11 in between somehow, but keep free the time you do not need to trust the computer. You will need some time to get used to all the new features. If the update is not shown directly to you, you can start the download immediately using the installation wizard (check with Microsoft).
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We show you VideoWhat’s changed in Windows 11:

Upgrade the processor to mid-Windows 11: 2022

If you are wondering why the Windows 11 update for your Windows 10 PC is not shown directly, you need to be patient. The full update deadline is set for mid-2022. So in the worst case, you can Will only be offered in June 2022.

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