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Another PWW milestone!  150,000 downloads!

Another PWW milestone! 150,000 downloads!

On Saturday, November 6, we all beat Bayern Munich 3-2 Borussia Dortmund (And other things), I had a third reason to celebrate.

We finally hit our next milestone number podcast. 150,000 downloads. We hit our next 50k gateway in 177 days and we quickly went between the milestones after hitting 100,000 in May.

Of course I want to thank a few:

  • Chuck and Tom, as wonderful co-hosts as ever
  • For the support of my friends, family and professors always
  • Richie O’Reilly, Edgar Azero and FC Bayern U.S.
  • All of our guests who came to the podcast between the milestones: Ian Paul-Joy, Andre Carlisle, Josh Sutter, Julian Lawrence, Jimmy Conrad and Louis Miguel Echegare!

This is an amazing ride! So let’s continue with this:

Today on the podcast:
* 90 minutes later – Dortmund: A wild ride to the finish line talks about offside goals, Kimmich’s injury and a big win for Die Rotten
* Euro 2020ne extravaganza: It’s time for a qualifying playoff final! All four teams are pushing eight teams against each other for the rights to go to next year’s European Championships!

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