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Dimitri Payet et Souleymane Doumbia, match Angers - Olympique de Marseille

Angers: Possible lines, channel and time of match

37th Day of League 1: Marseille gets angry from 9:00 pm on Sunday, May 16, 2021. A match to watch live on C8. Follow the guide (Channel, Live Score, Line-up…) to learn more about this French Championship!

On behalf of the 37th day of League 1, at the Orange Velotrom, Olympique de Marseille opposes the fury. Fifth in points tied with Racing Club de Lens and one point ahead of State Renaissance, the Pooch-to-Ron Club aims for a European qualification. George Sampoli’s players want to bounce back after two losing matches: a draw against Strasbourg (1-1) and a defeat to Saint-Etienne (0-1) last Sunday. Marseille formation meets an SEO, he has nothing to play for at the end of the season. Twelfth, Stephen Moulin’s men won their care in the elite. Last weekend, Angevins Dijon easily won the red light (3-0).

Marseille’s Possible Lines – Angers

OM will miss Michael Food, Valerie Jermaine, Saff-Edin Coy and Christopher Rocchia. Against, Ibrahim Amado, Soliman Tambia and Lasana Coolipali (suspension) absent. The trend of the team structure at this time is as follows. Come back to an hour before the competition starts and we will give you the official order.

Marseille’s potential team structure: Montanta; Perrin, Gonzalez, Ballardy; Lerola, Camara, Rongier, Henrik; Tavin, Milik, Boyd.

OM team. Goalkeepers: Montanda, Pele, Nagapandi Defenders: Ballardi, Amavi, Lerola, Alvaro, Nagatomo, Sakai, Coleta-Carr, Berryn Midfielders: Camara, Entsam, Rongier, Siordino Attackers: Henrik, Dieng.

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Possible group structure of angers: Bernardoni; Manso, Thomas, Pavlovic, Capel; Babichan, Mangani; Loke, Fulkini, Theop; Dionysus

Marseille – Anger streaming, how to watch the match live, on which channel?

Following the Telefoot Channel debacle, Ligu 1 will be broadcast exclusively and exclusively on Channel + Channel + until the end of this season. More specifically, the match between Marseille and the Anchors will be streamed live C8 9:00 p.m. To access it, you must subscribe to Canal + Offer.

How to watch L1 streaming this season?

After the withdrawal of MediaPro and Telefoot, in this second half of the 2020-2021 season, Ligu1 will be fully available on various Canal channels: especially Canal +, Canal + Sports and Multiports, especially for multiplexes. See Marseille – Anger at Legal Streaming, you get a unique opportunity in France: Subscribe to one of the Canal Plus solutions. You can see the famous poster on Sunday at 9:00 pm and you can access all 9 matches of the French L1 Championship. One final solution for everyone (whether they subscribe for free or not): Download the free app “Like 1 Uber Eats”. You do not have direct access to the game, but you do have direct access to the best actions and goals.

Marseille – Anger Live

If you do not have a subscription, you can follow the match score on our live match page. Goals, Cards நிமி Follow this match of the French Championship between Marseille and the Angels live by the minute. At the end of the contest, you also get the result.

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The schedule for other Ligu 1 matches applies today.

Here is a list of other meetings scheduled for Ligu 1 today.

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