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Watch Docs Legion – How To Download Tracking Data From Boat

Ubisoft’s Watchdogs: In Legion, there is a specific recruitment task that requires you to scan some data stored on a boat. However, as I found out, when I went on the boat, I could not access the data for any reason. I

Not until I think out of the box that I was able to complete this task. If it finds that it is not working properly for me, it will not work for you, so here’s how I was able to complete this task.

How to complete download tracking data from boat

When you first arrive in the area for this task, Buckley will let you know that you are in the right place. From here, towards the front of the dock, is the Albion Gate with the parked truck.

Enter that gate, the area on the right where you can call in a cargo drone.

Pick someone and then hijack it so you can ride it.

Once you have a ride, take it all the way to the bay. The more you go, the less you look better.

Wherever the drone goes on the boat, hover the drone over the water and then show the controls for the drone (press the right D-pad direction). An option to download the data will appear.

Watch Docs Legion - How to Complete Download Tracking Data from Boat_Step4A

Download the data and watch out for any roaming guards as the download may take some time. Once the download is complete, you can continue working.

Watchdogs: Legion is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Google Play. PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions will be released with the introduction of two consoles.

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