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Android video editing app with over 100 million downloads users / stealing money from the world of digital information

Android apps tend to be viewed with great skepticism, especially with premium subscriptions that claim to be free to use with premium subscriptions, revenue from ads and ads. The thing is, a lot of freemium apps are dubious in their functionality, however, despite this situation it seems that a lot of users don’t care, and they often assume that it’s not just small-scale apps that actually cause these kinds of issues.

While it is true that small-scale applications are more likely to cause these types of problems, there are numerous larger applications that engage in questionable behavior. If you are trying to edit videos on a regular basis on your phone, the biggest example of this is an application that you may have seen or used. It’s shocking to see how systematic this application is in the first place.

Initially, it had over 100 million downloads and was rated 4.4 by countless users. This may come as a surprise when you consider that very few applications with multiple downloads have been able to obtain this rating, but the use of the application routinely is an indication that the people who created this application have been subjected to a lot of trouble to cover up suspicious activity.

Depending on what the application actually does Safe-D, A mobile security platform, has blocked about 20 million fake premium subscriptions from this mechanism since 2019 by their means. This is a lot of attempts to steal money from users, and has allowed users to save up to 27 million so far. However, it should be noted that this application has only been found to be very dishonest, meaning that countless millions of users may have been unknowingly stolen beforehand.

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While Secure-D could not find any such issue in newer versions of the app, the fact that the app developer is ashamed to do so and has been leaving it for so long is not a good sign.

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