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CDU federal executive decides: Lacet president - to become union candidate for politics

CDU federal executive decides: Lacet president – to become union candidate for politics

CDU leader Armin Lacet is set to become the union’s presidential candidate at the behest of his party’s federal executive committee. The executive committee decided at a special digital meeting on Tuesday night. After more than six hours of discussion, 31 committee members voted for Lacette, while 9 voted for his rival, CSU boss Marcus Soder. There were 6 votes, according to a party spokesman.

The nervous power struggle for the first term for the September federal election may now be over because the CSU previously held the question in the hands of the CDU. Marcus Soder, CSU leader in Munich, said the CDU was now making this “sovereign” decision. “We value CSU and every decision.”

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The CDU received 77.5 percent of the vote for Lacet and 22.5 percent for Soder. At the start of the online special meeting, Lacet confirmed his intention to run for president.

“It’s about the best answers to the pressing questions of the future. “It simply came to our notice then.

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Soder had previously made it clear that Lacet would become a candidate for president if the CDU federal executive committee decides. He promised: “If it is Armin, he will have my full support and the support of the CSU.” Lacet Soder volunteered to attend the meeting. “We need to talk to each other a lot these days,” he argued. Soder, however, refused.

Soder does not want to suppress any “resentment”

The Bavarian prime minister insists the CDU is still ready to accept the candidacy if it so desires. The emergence of the CDU and CSU as a team is crucial to the election campaign. If the CDU makes a decision for Lacette, he will not cause any “resentment”.

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“It doesn’t matter how the decision is made: nothing sticks with me or us. Regardless of the outcome, in this election campaign we must compromise and unite to become a common, large, powerful faction.

Since last Sunday, Lacet (60) and Soder (54) have been increasingly arguing. In doing so, Soder repeatedly cited his significantly better poll results – including Monday – from which he had a better chance of winning the September 26 federal election.

The power struggle reached its initial climax on Monday night, with Lashset and Soder negotiating with each other for about three and a half hours in a small group in the Bandstock building. However, this conversation was also disagreeable.

Five months before the general election, the union is under maximum pressure, not only because of the internal consequences of the controversy. In addition, the Greens – the strongest force behind the union, according to a recent poll – fielded party leader Annalina Pierbach as their candidate for president. It has long been clear that Olaf Scholes will stand for the Social Democrats. Only the union, of which Angela Merkel has been president for nearly 16 years, has not yet decided on the change due to internal strife. (dpa)