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They are mandatory in any region

They are mandatory in any region

After so much pressure from politics, it was only a very short time ago Drake And this Cts In some circumstances they had decided to allow the Italians to say goodbye to outdoor masks.

Based on this decision, From June 28th This is possible in Italy Do not use the mask outside, Agreed with the methods and science and technology committee and ministers who issued the Drake order.

However, prior to the implementation of the decree signed by Health Minister Speranza, There is some resistance Who does not seem to want to follow the trend of saying goodbye to the mask in favor of a more restrictive policy.

In particular, the news is worrying An area Refers to it Maintaining the duty to wear a mask on the outside: Let’s see what.

The mask is mandatory on any area

Strongly opposes the current policy of focusing on the personal abandonment of personal protective equipment outside and in certain circumstances, at least temporarily. Campania Region.

Vincenzo de Luca, The governor of the region of Campania is, in fact, preparing to sign an edict issuing an obligation to use respiratory protective equipment even outside.

In particular, there is a duty in situations where a meter cannot guarantee a distance from each other or when there is a risk of configuration. Meetings.

What duty: All details

The use of personal protective equipment is mandatory For all city centers Campania and all places not isolated.

Further, The mask should be worn In rows, in squares, during walks – as the governor explains – as well as at exhibitions and at every event that thinks about mobilizing people.

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The duty also lasts Public transport On land and for boats, yachts and ships.

That’s not all: even the alcohol is gone

Moreover, the governor of the Campania region also intervened in night-time operations Regional nightlife In this connection, he ordered Absolute ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages All kinds of trips from 10pm to 6am.

This is also done Prohibition of alcohol consumption Even in the open air to the public in any public area or area. This also applies to places in front of business activities.

Further “Look at the parade” Can by merchants Sell ​​only with table service Distribution of liquors of any strength is not permitted when standing outside or outside a specially prepared table area.

Concerns about de Luca and vaccines

The governor of the Campania region also expressed himself Vaccine campaign Is active.

In this regard, de Luca seems to be very concerned. After all, anxiety is precisely triggered Fear of a summer green light And targeted at everyone participating in the nightlife of Campania cities.

About that Vaccine campaign This is happening, de Luca said: “If the vaccination continues in Naples, we will move towards a new lockout in a few months after September.”.