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The notebook is not connected to the new wireless router

The notebook is not connected to the new wireless router

What if your old notebook with WiFi 5 module is not connected to WiFi 6 router?

You have purchased a new WiFi 6 router because some devices on the home network use the new WLAN standard. But you expect high speed and stable connectivity for 11AC customers. However, there is a problem: you can no longer access WLAN with your notebook. Its module works with Wi-Fi 5 (11AC-WLAN).

If the laptop shows WLAN, but you still can’t connect despite the correct password, you should check the router’s security settings: you may have enabled the new WPA3 security standard there, which is not understood for the notebook’s WLAN module. If you use WPA2 and enable the PMF (Protected Management Laws) function, a connection will fail. For this reason, try setting WPA2 as the only encryption method.

With a WiFi 6 router, the old device's registration may fail due to WPA3 encryption or PMF security functionality.

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With a WiFi 6 router, the registration of the old device may fail due to the WPA3 encryption standard or PMF security function.

If the new router’s wireless network does not appear in the notebook’s wireless network perspective, there may be a problem with the driver. For example, this problem occurs with Intel modules Wireless-AC 8265, Wireless-AC 8260 and Wireless-AC 9560. You can find out if the associated hardware is installed in your notebook in Windows Device Manager: you will see the WLAN module under “Network Adapter”. In this case, a new driver solves the connection problem: you can download it here.

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