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Android: August patch closes important security gaps

Android: August patch closes important security gaps


Google has released the August security link for Android phones. It covers more than 30 vulnerabilities, some of which are critical to the operating system.

Google makes the August security link available to manufacturers. (Source: Google)

  • Google has been providing manufacturers with the latest security link since August.
  • Security update closes over 30 vulnerabilities.
  • You should definitely install the link.

American company Google Provides for cell phone manufacturers Android The latest security link is available. The new security update closes many vulnerabilities in the operating system.

Like Google Android Security Bulletin The August connection closes a total of 36 vulnerabilities. Google classifies five vulnerabilities as “critical”, 29 as “high” and the rest as “medium”.

The most important component is about the media structure. This vulnerability allows hackers to play code on your mobile phone with remote access or malicious file, so read your personal data.

If you get the latest connection to your smartphone, we recommend installing it. You can have yours Let the mobile phone search for Android patch with these instructions.

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