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Android 12 wants to know how to organize widgets

Android 12 wants to know how to organize widgets

During Google I / O 2021, tools were provided to developers so that they could again create beautiful and compatible widgets on Android 12.

Example of widgets in Android 12

Example of Widgets on Android 12 // Source: Google

Android 12 It blows like the wind of freshness. New version of Google’s mobile operating system – Currently in beta – Really is with A great graphic redesign The material is supported by your guidelines.

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We especially remember the way The interface automatically changes its colors according to the wallpaper Choose to improve immersion. However, the aesthetic update of Android 12 includes many small details of the interface Les Widgets. I have to say that the latter is a bit outdated by their peers on iOS 14.

Of course, Apple did not find anything with widgets for iPhones, But their combination is especially successful thanks to a beautiful aesthetic consistency. Stability that was very low on Android.

Refrigerate the widgets

However, when Google I / O 2021, Mountain View executives organized a small conference dedicated to making widgets on Android 12. Opportunity to ensure that rounded corners are now mandatory in all widgets so they are as compatible as possible with the ‘interface’.

Also, all widgets, even third-party applications, can benefit from the dynamic change of colors of the interface mentioned above, always in view of this similarity. Additionally, if the widgets are enabled, you can switch to the dark mode of the phone very easily and neatly.

Beyond that, developers can access some practical tools. For example, support for interactive components such as checklists will be integrated by default. So the task of the developers is easy and users can easily edit their shopping list without opening the app.

Source: Google

Source: Google

Not only that, Google also promises easy and varied customization of widgets, especially the right size of windows that we can configure with greater freedom, regardless of screen size or definition. Finally, developers can add a short description to the search menu of available widgets to impress the user.

Source: Google

Source: Google

In short, indirectly, the advent of widgets in iOS 14 had beneficial effects on Android 12. Nothing was won, however. Google offers many tools here, but it is the developers who play the game. We still have a long way to go to achieve the perfect aesthetic consistency on our home screens.

You can now install Android 12 Beta on your smartphone to take advantage of new features of the future version of Google’s Mobile OS. Here’s how to do it.
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