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An update improves how it works with PS4 games -

An update improves how it works with PS4 games –

Kurt Margeno, co-director of The Lost of S Part 2, reveals that Sony released a release in April Update Of software Dual Sense for PS5 This improves its functionality PS4 games In backward compatibility. Thanks to that, Sony’s next-generation controller improves haptic feedback even in those games that weren’t created for it, which makes a better impression.

Kurt Markeno reveals it now because this difference is now noticeable, The Lost of S2 Patch 1.08 is available for download.

“As many of you are returning to TLOU2 on the PS5, you may notice that the haptic feedback is better. This was due to an update to the DualSense controller firmware last April,” the mischievous dog administrator explained via Twitter.

DualSense is now able to fully reflect the feedback of DualShock 4, for better performance across all games Backward fit. It was Kurt Margeno who asked Sony for this update a few months ago, and thanks to his feedback the grains of “time”, intensity and control vibrations are much more loyal than originally intended.

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