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An even more advanced thank you for streaming the next stream of games for Microsoft

An even more advanced thank you for streaming the next stream of games for Microsoft

Head of Division xCloud Microsoft, James Quartzman, Hopes that gaming and streaming technology will be a tool to accelerate the development of future games and create their digital universes, from the best graphic and playful perspective between AI and physics.

During the last interview with Cam Rand, General Manager, Services, Microsoft Game Streaming Inquired the question of Cloud-based Open World Next Gen Games The limitless opportunities offered by this technology were discussed.

L ‘Former CEO and founder of Playfair It starts with that observation “There are some priorities and perspectives for promoting the development of video games in this field. However, there is a theme that is not addressed in the discussions about the weak points of this field, and it is marked by the great power that can be played by the cloud. We ‘ve seen it all there, and it’s all started with simple Xbox racks cramming into data centers for streaming. “.

The According to the next evolution of cloud gamingAccording to Quertzmann, It’s already happening Thanks for the experience gained with topics like Microsoft Flight Simulator And contains “Give developers the tools to create games that run naturally on GPUs in the cloud or in the titles, or you can create great digital environments with multiple users in multiplayer. Through cloud gaming, you can create experiences where players can interact with each other in a new way. It will help distribute video games locally without having to have the right hardware, but in the future we will see developers take advantage of the experience and create games that cannot be done without the cloud. “.