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Among Us: how to download and play for free

Among us: How to download and play for free on mobile, PC, Mac

As for playing for free, it may have been among us Gaming Event of the Year. The deceptively simple paradigm has been a huge success for young and old alike More than 200 million downloads With more than two million players simultaneously. Not only that but it has brought Multi-million dollar revenue Developer InnerSlot. Not bad for a free game.

But that sensational success is far from over. Here’s everything you need to know to get involved.

Reveals its new map among the United States.

Among us: the gaming event of 2020

Among us it was originally released two years ago, but its popularity really Rocket in the second half of the year affected by this epidemic. Simple Inner Sloth Title – It has created many Globally popular clones – This space themed, online, multiplayer game has been accessed on various platforms by hundreds of millions trying to outdo their opponents. It has brought gaming to the government with Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, known as the female AOC of Congress, which killed it in front of a huge twist audience.

Although it works In collaboration with your team To achieve its objectives, or Plays the role of deceiver Others try to knock you out before they harass you, and you need your knowledge of yourself. Oh, and then there are all the hats, pets and skins to customize it further!

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If you want the opportunity to test your skills of cheating Players from all over the world, What are you waiting for? This Available for free through the App Store Go to or from your iOS or Android mobile device Steam Pay a small fee (and a custom tip for developers) to get involved. There is a legal way to play for free on both PC and Mac, and we will explain step by step how to do it and provide the necessary links to make it easier.

How to download and play with us for free on PC and Mac

1. Download and install The Bluestocks Android emulator On PC or Mac

2: After setting up, Enter your Google Play Store account

3: From the Home tab, go to the Google Play Store Search among us

4: Install between us

5: When the download is complete, Stay away!

It is worth noting that this prototype can also be applied to other topics, but we recommend Always uses official applications Provided by the development company to avoid related issues. On the other hand, there are other similar prototypes Gameloop, Which allows you to enjoy topics like Call of Duty Mobile on your computer (Windows 10). Completely free.

If you want to try your luck among us while traveling, the game is available Download for free from your mobile device’s app store.

When will 2 of us be released?

There are no plans for a sequel as it stands 2 of us were officially canceled By its developers. InnerSlot was initially keen to offer a second installment, aimed at greatly improving the many parameters and general performance of the current application. “It involves a large number of changes and the game is very smooth.” But for now that plan has been abandoned.

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Read what Innerslot said to us and the good reasons behind the cancellation.

Among us: What is it?

Prepare your spaceship to take off when you take on the challenge 4-10 players forming a team, Connect online or via local WiFi. But not everyone can be trusted.

There are imposters between your teams, at least one but more The only purpose is to prevent you from reaching your goals. You need to decide who to trust in this cheat game. If you really want an interactive experience Voice chat You can interrogate suspects.

How will you win between us?

Team: You and your team must work together to fill the team taskbar, or believe you will find the cheater before you are all killed

– Succeed by completing the tasks of preparing the ship or by expelling all the cheaters.

– Act quickly to prevent the sabotage of the Imposter.

– Check the admin map and security cameras to keep tabs on other chromats.

– Report any dead bodies immediately to discuss who is the suspected fraudster.

– Call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior.

– Vote to expel suspicious fraudsters.

PC controls:

  • Arrows or WASD – moving
  • E – Location – Use
  • Q – Kill
  • R – Report body
  • Mouse – minicame and menu interactions
  • Alt + Enter – Toggle fullscreen

In the options, you can choose to use only the mouse that reflects the mobile controls.

Deceiver: Your goal is simple, kill the team and design everyone else for your actions!

– Kill team members and frame viewers.

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– Pretend to run tasks that mix with employees.

– Sneak through the vents to move the ship quickly.

– Use sabotage to confuse and divide the group.

– Close the doors to trap the victims and kill them alone.

Among us: Twitter reactions

Rather than a quick glance at Twitter, it becomes clear to see that the players among us are easily hooked and that it is better to understand what is being said. There are plenty of memes around …

“We fully accept the use of Bluestack”

Considering the confusion created by this news, our colleagues Meristation Contacted the developers among us! It’s available for just $ 5 if you ask if the use of a legal emulator like BlueStack seems appropriate, or if their game is not played for free while on steam. Leading programmer Forrest Williard assured us of them I totally agree with using Bluestack to enjoy among us! Free on PC “ “We have constant support with ads and in-app purchases, so this is good.”