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Tancredi Cantù Rajnoldi

Amici 20, Tangredy returns to Instagram and downloads Ariza: Reason for selection

48 hours after it was removed from the evening edition of Amici 20, Milan’s young singer Tangredy Conte Rajnoldi returned to Instagram and immediately made people talk about himself: this is what happened to Ariza.

A little less than two days after it was removed from the evening edition Friends20 Young singer from Milan, Tangredy Conte Rajnaldi, He reopened his Instagram profile and was immediately able to get people talking about himself.

Let’s start with the beautiful and positive part of the story, in which the author Las Vegas, The seventh song in Italy on the Alta Rotacione, describes the months he lived after the disappointment over Go was dispelled Friends. “I would like to thank Amici for the productTangredy explains in the link to Instagram StoriesAbove all, Maria de Philippi helped me a lot, more than anyone ”.

It still is “Las Vegas is seventh in the rankings. I still can’t believe it. It’s still a good story.” Tangredy explains that the reason for the failure to comment on the deletion. “It took me two days to get away from the noise and be with friends and relatives.”

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In fact, a talk Restart and finish what was said in the studio on the day of the deletion “I look forward to this decision in two weeks – Tangredy Live said – I’m open here and I’m glad I’re so quiet. “ Thanks again to de Philippi “Because you saw something in me.”

Comment taken from it Queen Mary It reveals unprecedented detail: “He was in the back when Tangredi arrived and found out he had Govit.” He pointed it out “It was a 20-day wait at the hotel, but – de Philippi concludes – his performance immediately showed how he handled the stage.”

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Does Tangredy Conte Rajnoldi have Delolovato Ariza from Instagram?

This is to talk about the controversial part, one for that, According to weekly reports Novella 2000, Author of Irite, As soon as he left the race, he would have stopped following Ariza’s Instagram account.

Her mentor, her singing teacher, who, along Lorella Cookerini, It still has to follow, pushing him to the semifinals of the evening Amici 20.

Is it a simple distraction or a real choice? Was it a technical glitch or a personal issue with the Genoa-based singer? Even the rumors gathered by the editorial staff of Kronaka 12 are not clear why. They talk about an important friction between the two. However, a clutch that quickly reconnects all the canons.

Finally, it should be emphasized that there is no official confirmation that Ariza was among the 116 profiles that followed Doncredi, according to Novella 2000, which begins the report. But the opposite would be very strange. In the next few hours we will understand better, but the son’s path Maison is the creative director of Giorgio Armani It is not scratched by a comma. This is already a huge success.