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Already sold 6 million copies, which was a huge success -

Already sold 6 million copies, which was a huge success –

Monster Hunter Rice It is a success and constantly improves its results. Capcom, now exclusive to the Nintendo Switch (but coming to PC in a year), is now a hit 6 million copies sold. This is an extraordinary achievement because it was released on a platform and reached it in a month.

To give you a hint, Street Fighter V was able to surpass sales (Which sold 5.2 million units) and PS1 Resident Evil 2 episode (4.96 million). To make a “close” comparison, you need to know it Monster Hunter World IceBorn sold 7.2 million Copies on all sites. It doesn’t seem impossible that Rice can beat the “big brother” in Switzerland alone. Also, with the advent of the PC version, the game will definitely aim to get closer to Monster Hunter World with 16.8 million copies.

Monster Hunter Rice

We also found that Resident Evil 7 BioHzard could sell 8.5 million units, surpassing Resident Evil 7 (7.8 million units), Resident Evil 2 remake (7.8 million units) and the Resident Evil 6 (7.7 million units) discussed. Considering that Resident Evil Village will be available soon, Capcom will have to refresh the list of best-selling games of all time.

Hunting Simulator is also getting ready for new content: Let’s talk about Monster Hunter Rise version 2.0, when will the update be available? Download time has emerged.

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