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Aka7even / Friends Winner 2021?  Anna Bettinelli downloads this: "With Sangiovani ..."

Aka7even / Friends Winner 2021? Anna Bettinelli downloads this: “With Sangiovani …”

In the end it looks like that Sister 7 Ivan The space on the top step of the stage can be stolen a Sangiovani In the final Friends 2021. Talent is coming to an end, ending with his victory by blowing up the place that is always said to be the reason for Luca Mursano’s Caleb winner Sangiovani. It will be a real hit for the singer-songwriter, a dream come true, and then he is chasing, a few years ago, he participated in the X Factor show, told about his interest in music. Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, and Luca is very different from what we encountered in skiing, but his insecurity has made him a champion, for sure. To the delight of Anna Bettinelli, who has been beating him up in recent weeks and pretending to want to push him in favor of Sangiovani, Akka 7 took a place in the final.

Aka7even who won Amici 2021 instead of Sangiovani?

Their path is not easy Sister 7 Ivan On the last day of Amici 2021 he had the opportunity to reconsider everything, finding the right energy to face this final, in which the continuing heat and performances await him, in which the judgment of the public will be calculated. Luca knocked on his wall and it took several weeks to let the judges into his world, but the public doesn’t need it because his songs are already at the top of the charts. Before the end Friends 2021, The singer will have to deal with Verisimo and the story of his emotions one step away from the final. Will he succeed?

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