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AI to improve audio quality

AI to improve audio quality

Microsoft’s video conferencing processor introduces new machine learning models to remove echoes and straighten audio bands in a quiet environment.

[Mis à jour le mardi 14 juin 2021 à 14h49] Microsoft is increasing the use of AI to improve the quality of video conferencing in teams. In November 2021, The publisher announced the use of machine learning to improve video transmissions Teams that may deteriorate due to network failure or insufficient bandwidth. This time, The team introduces new learning models to improve the sound of communications. They are designed to eliminate the echo effects that occur when the user’s microphone is too close to the speakers. Microsoft also announces the default functionality of the machine learning function that suppresses background noise. Only the version for Android is not yet entitled to this development.

In January 2022, Teams Passed 270 Millions of monthly active users according to Microsoft. A figure that had size 44 Just before the first wave of Govt-19, millions in February 2020. The democratization of telecommuting went through this. Teams have now become the first competitors By zoom, From Google Meet And From Cisco WebEx.

How do teams function?

Focusing on teamwork like its main competitor Slag, Microsoft teams come in the form of an integrated joint platform. Its purpose is to centralize all workflows in real time, from collaborative messaging to video conferencing. Natively integrated with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), it allows you to collaborate around Word or Excel documentation, giving groups the opportunity to edit with multiple people at once.

The application also integrates 3D mesh, Microsoft’s 3D joint location, in preview. Described as the “Metawares Platform”, it allows users to discover themselves through avatars at high-speed intervals that take on a variety of shapes, via the American team’s HoloLens hybrid reality headsets: conference room, design center or networking lounge. All aimed at encouraging creativity. The gestures are captured by the image recognition by the PC camera and then sent to the avatar.

Microsoft teams also have a phone system called Microsoft 365 Business Voice. Finally, Microsoft groups are the gateway to third-party applications, including Gira, SAP and ServiceNow. Thanks to its direct guest join functionality, the solution goes to the extent of integrating users with other video conferencing tools. Zoom and Cisco WebEx are already supported. In 2022, BlueGeans and GoToMeeting will join them.

Microsoft Groups 3D Mesh integrates with Microsoft’s 3D joint space. © JDN / Capture

What are the capabilities of Microsoft teams in video?

Microsoft Teams integrates a complete video conferencing solution. A feature that comes from Skype technology. His uniqueness? It relies on AI to resize participants’ videos and resize content to enhance their side view. Mosaic can have up to 49 people and, if necessary, allows the crowd to be subdivided into subgroups. Virtual encounters can support up to 20,000 participants. If necessary, teams can embed the speaker in his presentation support or in a virtual background.

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Another AI function, called Together, benefits from a sectional algorithm for distributing participants in a virtual system that gives the illusion that everyone is sitting in the same room or conference room (see capture below). Objective: To simulate face-to-face encounters with targeted utility events of discussion and brainwashing, facilitating non-verbal communication.

An AI function called together allows participants to be distributed in a virtual setting, giving the illusion that everyone is sitting in the same room or conference room. © JDN / Capture

Other contributions of AI: Automatic transcription of audio or video conferences and subtitles for speeches in a variety of languages, including French. Finally with the Teams mobile application, voice assistant Cordana lets you start calling, join meetings, chat, text or share files. Following this innovation, Microsoft is collaborating with production partners to design new voice touchscreens to suit groups. Lenovo ThinkSmart is one of the foremost design factors integrating the communication environment.

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The Microsoft Teams app can be downloaded to desktop computers (Windows and Macs) and mobile devices (Android or iOS smartphones). This page. Platform updates are done automatically.

Microsoft Groups goes through the installation of a named desktop application, which is free and available for download Windows. Similarly, mobile apps are available iOS Where android.

Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business can also be used by companies that have used this video conferencing service so far. For optimal use of groups, it is recommended to use Exchange Online Messaging and SharePoint Online Enterprise Content Management tools first.

To sign in to Microsoft Teams on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Click the magnifying glass on the Windows taskbar.
  2. In the Windows search engine, type “teams”,
  3. Click on the Microsoft Teams icon,
  4. Enter your Microsoft 365 username and password to sign in to the app.
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On mobile, just click on the apps icon to open groups.

Creating video conferencing on Microsoft teams is done in a few clicks:

  1. In the dialog tab, click on “New Meeting”,
  2. Enter the meeting name,
  3. Click “Get link to share”
  4. Copy and paste the link received in the invitation message for participants,
  5. To start the meeting when the time comes, click “Start Meeting”.
  6. Finally, after adjusting the audio and video settings, click “Join Now”.

First of all, it is recommended to download the software on laptop PC, mobile PC, smartphone or touch pad. Once the software is installed on the computer, launch the Microsoft Teams and then link to the Microsoft 365 username. By clicking on the “Add or Create Team” tab, a new task force can be created or integrated. An existing team in the company.

As a team member, you can create or join “channels”. They make it possible to categorize the messages exchanged by the theme around a project or company branch. They will put together all the conversations related to this project or this section. If necessary, these channels can be shared with third-party companies with customers, suppliers or partners.

A user can create up to 250 groups from his account, and each team can have up to 5,000 members. Within a group, you can create up to 200 channels for differentiating projects and organizing conversations. Obviously, these possibilities are inaccessible to the entry-level, free version, and the number of users is limited (see details below).

JDN / capture © Microsoft now integrates Skype for Business by default

Are Microsoft Groups Free?

Provided by Microsoft Free version of Microsoft Teams. It limits the duration of meetings to 60 minutes and the number of participants per meeting to 100. For 40 3.40 per user and tax-free per month, Teams Essentials allows you to open these limits, extending the maximum duration of meetings to 30 hours and up to 300 guests per meeting. This version includes 10GB of online storage per user and 24/7 phone support service.

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The application is marketed with Microsoft 365. Entry-level package of the package, including groups (Microsoft 365 Business Basic) Approximately 5.10 euros per user per month. This package includes groups, transfer messaging, and 1 TB of storage per user (on OneDrive). By his side, Standard version of Slack Note that this also offers 6.25 euros per user and a free version per month.

What are the security features of Microsoft Groups?

Microsoft groups integrate multi-factor authentication, encryption of data during transit and leisure, and the application of Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP). On the video conference page, groups provide the option to encrypt end-to-end video and audio communications. To enable this feature, go to Menu and select Other Options> Settings> Privacy> End-to-End Encrypted Calls.

Will Microsoft Groups Get Home?

Microsoft offers a variety of groups targeting the general public. Baptized Microsoft Groups for Home (Or home teams), which are cut to exchange and collaborate with family or friends. Microsoft refers to a number of utility events: sharing shopping lists, organizing family calendars, storing important information (such as WiFi passwords and account information), alerting loved ones when they come home, planning trips, arranging neighborhood or club meetings …

Microsoft Groups for Home includes group conversations, audio or video calls, task list sharing and assignment, meeting coordination, and photo and video sharing.

Microsoft Groups Online

The online version of Microsoft Teams is available, but it only supports some features and is not compatible with all browsers. Microsoft is now forcing new accounts to install software on a standard or mobile terminal. For those who use Microsoft Groups online, installing the software is mandatory.

Microsoft Groups Applications (Web Client, Android, iOS)

The Microsoft Teams web client is available here This address. You can use it to connect from a smartphone or tabletMicrosoft Groups Android Application Or TheMicrosoft Groups iOS Application.