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After Curiosity, the diligent rover takes a selfie on Mars

After Curiosity, the diligent rover takes a selfie on Mars

As we pointed out to you earlier, the rover of perseverance landed safely on Mars last February. Obviously, the scientific motives are real, but there is no reason why it should not relax a bit. When we got the chance to make sure it didn’t show a shadow on the drone’s solar panel, diligence sent us a selfie with a Mars helicopter scout, with a small 1.8 helicopter in the background.

Like the Curiosity Rover, Diligently used its exposed hand to capture the image. To achieve this, the Watson sensor (for wide angle topographic sensor for functions and engineering) was used. The device is positioned on the Sherlock (for scanning comfortable environments with luminescence for Raman and Organics and Chemicals), which is a group of measuring instruments. The assembly is finally positioned at the end of the transparent hand and allows accurate measurements to be made.

To create the final image, Watson posted 62 photos on April 6th. Once found on Earth, they gathered to create this self-portrait with the ingenuity of fellow travelers. The first flight of the drone is scheduled to take place in the coming days, but NASA has not announced a definite date.

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