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Facebook down non funziona malfunzionamento

Facebook and Instagram Tonight April 8, What’s Happening (Updated)

Mark Zuckerberg’s empire ceases to function again a few weeks after the last technical problem: Facebook e Instagram They started working at 11:15 pm on April 8, 2021, and the problems seem to be continuing.

The reasons are not yet known at this time, but do not worry because if you can not publish a post, publish a story, unpack the news feed or use some related features then it is not a problem on your smartphone or your computer. Applications of various social networking networks.

As usual with everything, within a few hours, it’s time for technicians to find any leaks and fix them. Let’s look in more detail at what’s going on inside and outside Europe Italy, Where problems seem widespread.

Mainly Facebook It does not allow you to view new posts, publish posts, upload pictures and update feed. It appears to be inaccessible from the web and the application, resulting in a practically inaccessible application due to a series of issues mentioned above. The rest of this time has to be patient.

Even in the case Instagram The issues seem to cover everything: can’t publish stories, can’t update feed and friends’ stories, can’t publish posts. In short, the application is almost unusable.

We will update you on this page if there is any news. In the meantime you can Follow us on Dictok, Seems to be working at this time, or follow us Telegraph channel of TotoAndroid And that Dedicated to the best technology offers.

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Update at 11:30 p.m.: Here’s the thing that returns to the Facebook homepage at this time.

Update 23:46: While there are still loading issues on Instagram, Facebook seems to be backing up and running.