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Additional info for Dragon Quest X offline

Additional info for Dragon Quest X offline

New details and screen shots for Dragon Quest X Offline have arrived, focusing on the ‘guest’ characters.

Guest roles

– Meet all kinds of characters wherever you go.
– Sometimes give them a hand during your adventure.
– Some of these characters will come with you as guest characters to solve their problems together.
– More than 10 guest characters will appear
– Each of them will support the adventure of the protagonist in different ways.
– The invited characters will join the group until it reaches its goal.
– Many guest characters even take part in fights.
– Each character attacks, helps, etc. In its own way.

The original chapter

– Original episode not mentioned in the storyline of Dragon Quest X Online, which has a new character
– Set on the continent of Ogrid in the past
– A young Himia and a new character, Carmi, join forces as guests, and the protagonist and Elju embark on an adventure into the world of the past.
– The dialogue scene between Elke and Himia allows them to better understand their personal thoughts.

Characters you meet in the Ogrid of the past

– Elge: son of the “refined carpenter” who builds boats going to the lands of the Dark Lord; He is 10 years old, but determined to embark on his journey as heir to the “art of refinement boat”.
– Himia: the only daughter of Yakul, the leader of the Elves 500 years ago; Eager for the future where the children will take over the rule and come together, she decides to join LJ on her journey.
– Carmi: new character; Daughter of Kamilkov, leader of the Okres 500 years ago; She fully believes in the strict teachings of her father and hates men.

Original content in view

– Dragon Quest X Offline, a new quest, will tell the story of Pippi, a brilliant young woman who will be the future candidate for the Shipwright refinement.
– This is a chapter full of strong moments, especially the connections between Pippi and her group.
– Facing the harsh reality, Fifi begins to reduce itself to a self-proclaimed genius, a candidate for the right to purification …

The magic of restoration

– When you finish the story of Dragon Quest X Offline, you open the opportunity to use the “Spell of Restoration” in the church.
– Use this to get started strongly on Dragon Quest X Online
– If you choose a career where Dragon Quest X appears offline, you will start the story at 70 in all your levels.
– After finishing the game, you will get the “spell of restoration” in the church, so pay attention to it with a photo.
– After completing the required procedures for each site in advance, enter the recovery spell in the Dragon Quest X online game.
– Select the version you want to start the game with.
– You can start the story with version 2 or later, except version 1 if you wish.
– If you have already played Dragon Quest X online, you can start a new supporting role from Level 70.