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Activation has created the Internal Control Authority for the Workplace -

Activation has created the Internal Control Authority for the Workplace –

Activision Blizzard Decided to set one Internal Liability Control Authority In the workplace, openly in response to the many allegations received in recent months about the toxicity and discrimination found in their offices.

Through official communication, the publisher has announced the establishment of a Workplace Liability Committee or Workplace Liability Commission, which “Implement new policies, procedures and obligations To promote a workplace culture and to eliminate all forms of harassment and discrimination within the organization, ”the minimum statement said.

There are only two women on the commission Board of Directors Activision Blizzard, with another director selected if necessary. “The Commission will ask management to develop key performance indicators or other ways to measure improvement in the forefront of reliability.”

In this regard, “Bobby Kodik and other board members and senior executives will frequently make progress to the Commission in informing the body and the entire board.

Activision, IL CEO Bobby Kodik

Truth be told, the system set up by the same board of directors, which is currently under scrutiny for the conduct that has taken place so far, does not seem to be an effective solution to the problem because it was not mentioned in the communications sent to investors. Made up of genuine contacts between the Commission and the company’s staff, it talks about liaison with the Commission and the Board of Directors directly with lawyers and external sources. However, we are waiting to see any results.

Meanwhile, the board of directors is in favor of CEO Cody, instead demanding the resignation of shareholders and the board of about 1,300 employees.

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