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Access Authority for Tor del del Greco and Torre Angiotta Met - Metropolisweb

Access Authority for Tor del del Greco and Torre Angiotta Met – Metropolisweb

The secretaries of the P.D. circles of Castellammare de Staphia, Torre Anziatta and Torre del Greco were P.T. Of Naples met with the Metropolitan Secretary of Marco Sarrazino. At the end of the meeting, the Democrats announced, “We are very cautious – write to the local secretaries and Sarrazino – a picture that emerges from daily press releases and reports from various parts of the judiciary. Authorities and other state organizations. For this reason, we request that the access commissions in the municipalities of Costellammare di Staphia, Torre Angiotta and Torre del Greco be sent as soon as possible. It’s a responsible choice, especially for us in cities with government functionality. ” Executives underline, “We have legitimacy, transparency and the power to create a fight against Comoros – they say – is its hallmark. In recent weeks, we have commended the work of all state agencies in ensuring the legitimacy of our cities, as well as the numerous anti-mafia sanctions imposed on companies operating in our region: this has unfortunately been confirmed, as already stated by the DTA, public administration, a particular political class and professional body. While holding the functions, there is a dangerous bond between those who accept the role of intermediaries with Kamora. Considering the enormous importance of this part of the metropolitan area, with the circles of Naples PD, Castellammare de Staphia, Torre Anziata and Torre del Greco, signal the need to strengthen a strategy to combat Chamorro and its condition. We need a new “high impact” aimed at controlling the territory, but above all in removing any contact between the public administration, politicians and the underworld. In this direction, we will launch some efforts in the coming days. ”