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Absence of ballots in Toulouse: Candidate's anger in Assembly elections

Absence of ballots in Toulouse: Candidate’s anger in Assembly elections

Olivier de Guyenro, the independent candidate in Haute-Garonne’s third constituency, has done what is necessary in the province of Hot-Garonne, as there are no ballots in his name at the Toulouse polling stations. However, in small towns there is no problem.

Like any candidate for the Assembly election, Olivier de Quinro roamed the polls for the first round of the Assembly election on Sunday morning. In the third constituency of Haute-Garonne (eastern districts of Toulouse and cities in eastern Toulouse) he saw a diverse candidate on the right, with at least seven or eight offices in Toulouse, in Bonhoure, Château de l’Hers and Côte. Sinner, there is no ballot in his name or in the name of his substitute. “However, I did what I needed to do in the province. To avoid wastage, I printed 20,000 ballots at my own expense, or approximately 25% of the electorate, to avoid wasting them. I know there will be approximately 50% of the ballot. Accuses.

He captured the issue with Hot-Coron County and Toulouse Town Hall. “Everybody is doing the buck pass. One would have sent everything, the other would not have gotten anything. Where did my ballots go? I have not been given any solution other than to tell the voters the title of the ballot, my name, and so on. How do they know? Who’s going to get enough motivation to do that? ” Olivier de Guyenro, vituperates, who recently downloaded his newsletter and later volunteered to print it on his website.

Receipt issued by Haute-Garonne./photo DR Province.

The absence of the bulletin is only primary in Toulouse. He travels around small towns, and everything is in order in Krakw or Saint-Marseille-Ballet. “I’m going to go and see what’s going on in Palma and there will be a bailout to see what’s going on in Toulouse’s offices,” the 55-year-old business manager, who finances his campaign, estimates. It costs almost 5,000.

“It’s even weirder to be alone in Toulouse. I hope this is a technical problem and not voluntary. Is it a simple coincidence or am I embarrassed to be supported by a candidate, deputy mayor and the city? Olivier du Cainro concludes by positioning himself on the political spectrum between the Republicans and Eric Zemor’s Reconquest.