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A user reaches the maximum video capture limit

If you are like us who want to keep track of your exploits, you may be accustomed to using the “capture” button to give some material to future generations who celebrate your talent and your genius. .

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Allows you to record up to 30 seconds of video, to display the largest page on the web, Capturing Nintendo’s transportable console now reaches its limit, once it reaches the threshold allowed by a zl user box.

Post in forums RedditError message (Check it out in our photo gallery) Appeared on the screen of the Chief Archive

Before creating or modifying, free up space by deleting files or changing the backup target […] The console’s internal memory can hold up to 100 videos and 1000 videos on a microSD card..

So, no matter what the size of your microSD card, the 1,000 exploits you capture cannot exceed 30,000 seconds, which is equivalent to 500 minutes, or More than eight hours. Is this enough to track your exploits? You tell us!

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