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A simple card to adjust the shot

A simple card to adjust the shot

Nintendo’s switch continues to sell at a sustainable rate, but the console has also been criticized for its famous Jaycon slip problem. An event that results in the phantom movement of one of the joysticks, which often causes the proper movement of the camera.

If several class actions have already been initiated against Nintendo in this regard it should be noted that the brand has not been able to rectify this situation: the currently sold Joy Khan has not been modified to prevent this event, the switch light is also concerned, and this OLED switches may also cost …

However, a YouTube channel provides a tutorial on how to fix the problem permanently. According to VK, the joy cone slip appears as a result of premature wear of a small metal, which ends up disassembling and no longer performs its primary function: ensuring the connection between the joystick and the printed circuit.

March: A simple piece of cardboard 1 mm thick to hold the pressure between the two elements. V.K. The channel’s video explains in detail the sources of the problem and its solution.

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