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A silk mic weir o golf ... Mario golf!

A silk mic weir o golf … Mario golf!

Thanks to Nintendo of Canada, I had the opportunity to play golf with Canadian legend Mike Weir, one of the best golfers in the world! Of course, we are talking about Mario Golf: Super Rush on the Nintendo Switch.

Image Credit: Nintendo

In the company of another journalist and a Nintendo representative (remote, online), we landed in Mario Golf: Super Rush in Speed ​​Golf mode, which is the novelty of this topic. All players are playing at the same time and in between strikes, we have to run to reach our ball. We have to hurry because we have a period of time between each strike and we will be fined if we take too much time. In the game tradition of the Mushroom Kingdom, we have special powers, we must avoid obstacles and all victories are allowed! This is so much fun and should appeal to those who don’t want to wait between rounds. Although we can play in standard mode, among others!

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I politely asked if I could take Mario as a character ளுக்காக for obvious reasons! Mike Weir, he chose Luigi. Thanks to the first hole for an eagle, I maintained my presence and finished first. Mike Weir, the last to die with his Luigi. Needless to say this is not Mike Weir familiar golf!

Mike Weir, a player?

You say, casually, Mike Weir is not a player! It’s not very sure. I was glad to ask him some questions after the game.

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Mr. Weir has actually been a Nintendo fan for a long time, playing in his youth. Today, it is mainly his daughters who play. He enjoys Nintendo games like Mario Golf with his daughters; It also allows them to connect with quality time.

Nintendo Switch

Mike Weir also explains that there is plenty of free time at the hotel for golfers to wait before matches. Games like Mario Golf: Super Rush allows you to relax with golf in mind.

I’m definitely the most serious golfer, probably the most serious. There is heart and fun in the game of Mario Golf இது It may help me to bring a little more lightness to the ground!

I asked him what was the feature of Mario Golf: Super Rush he wants to bring to the real field. “Luigi’s special move! He laughs.

Check out my full Mario Golf: Super Rush review in the coming days.