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A month after opening, the park closes its doors

A month after opening, the park closes its doors

The series will keep fans in suspense with card decorations and other trunk loops: after several delays as viral as they were, Super Nintendo World finally opened its doors a month ago. But the hope shown so far does not seem to have sustained the test of facts. Sorry Mario, your princess is locked up in another castle.

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The financial and health position between the Japanese authorities and the International Olympic Committee on the relevance of hosting the Tokyo Olympics against all odds is still ongoing. 2020, News-interested visitors felt that the days of the amusement park were already numbered.

Thanks, come back

So, it is no big surprise that Japan’s Universal Studios’ youngest antenna is now lowering the pavilion like other parts of the Osaka structure, which would appear without a popular jingle or crackers. Bring some joy:

Today, Universal Studios Japan has decided to temporarily close the park due to a state of emergency declared by the province of Osaka, which is no longer welcoming visitors. The temporary closure will begin on April 25, 2021 and will last until the state of emergency is lifted.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers who were eager to visit us. Detailed instructions regarding tickets already purchased will be detailed on our official website this evening.

After the first closure between February and June 2020, employees should not celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the theme park’s opening. Since the beginning of April, Super Nintendo World has already tightened its belt, limiting the number of daily inputs to a quarter of its capacity or 5,000 informed consumers.

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The closure sends a very bad sign, as the ruling Liberal Democratic Party now returns almost daily to the relevance of maintaining against and against the full football of the July 23 Summer Olympics.

For everyone else, Sonic will always be at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. We do what we have, e.