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6 known places to download unique free books

6 known places to download unique free books

There are many places on the internet to download free ebooks, but only a few attract attention. Expand your scope and you will find some great downloads in these little known places.


You may already know about Project Gutenberg, Overdrive, Sentless Books and some other great free book download sites. In this article, we will go beyond them to find free ebooks from sources you have never heard of before. One of the best forums for getting books, a place to dig up old school pulp fiction and some great ways to get classics.


1. Standard ebooks (Web): Redesigned and embellished classic

Quality books redesign classic books for easy reading on modern devices

Places like Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive have already collected numerous books in the public domain. But these are usually old titles, whose copyright has expired. Therefore, the design and font are often outdated, especially for modern book readers.

Standard eBooks is a non-profit, community-driven project that recreates these classics to better read about today’s tools. The biggest difference you should notice is that the font and typeset are clean and more inviting, which is a lot like books for the Kindle.

They re-edit books to follow modern style guidelines and no longer clean up the remnants of old styles. The community is redesigning and updating the book cover just like a modern book.

The collection currently contains more than 400 titles from authors such as William Shakespeare, Virginia Wolf, and Arthur Conan Doyle. You can find many file formats for different types of errors or read in your browser. Anyone can join the standard ebooks and contribute to the restoration of these classics.

Another way to incorporate these classics into modern form is through audiobooks. You can download fantastic free audiobooks at Loyal Books and Librivox.

2. Pulp Max (Web): Digital archive of Pulp Fiction magazines

Pulp Max is a free digital archive of classic pulp fiction magazines

Some of the most interesting stories in history have not been published in the famous novels. They found their home in cheap pulp magazines from the late 1800s to the 1950s, aimed at mass market appeal. Pump Max is a free digital archive of these magazines that anyone can download and read.

Currently, it includes more than 400 books from the US, UK and Australia, including topics such as adventure magazine, dazzling stories, exciting Western, mammoth mystery, and thrills incorporated. Each magazine usually has several stories by different writers on the same theme.

All books are available in PDF format and can be read in the online browser. You can search the entire text archive. It may seem like a problem that the site doesn’t have a “very popular” or “best” category, but it really is the fun of pulp fiction. Title and Cover Download a magazine that captures your luxury and start reading. It’s about finding fun and entertaining stories, just like people did back then.

3. r / FreeEbooks (Web): A forum for sharing free book downloads

r / FreeBooks is the most constantly updated forum for free ebooks, especially from authors

If you’re ignorant of the source of where to get a book, Reddit’s r / FreeEbooks is a treasure. People all over the world share many links to free ebooks every day, all of which are completely legal to download.

The collection is very different than other places because it does not restrict itself with Kindle or Kobo. You can find authors sharing links to their personal or publisher websites, where they have downloaded a few books for free. Most “book deals of the day” sites will miss such offerings.

Books can be sorted quickly by genre using Reddit Players. Since this is a forum, you can also create posts asking for sources for specific books or suggestions. This is a great way to find a new writer or classic novel when you do not know what to read next.

4. அன்லூ (Web): Start making books for free

Anglo tries to get the books for free by adding a target like kickstarter, after which the book is downloaded for free

You buy a book, finish reading it, and then donate it to your local library. Now anyone can read that book for free, right? Anglo wants to bring that system to a ton of books waiting for free.

Its unique purpose is to help books that are currently paid for be free forever. Anglo wants to get rid of all DRM and make it available in every license and design. Each book has a kickstart-like goal. As a regular user, you can either donate, buy, or distribute and others can donate to achieve that goal, making the book free.

To download the titles, visit the collection of ebooks that are already free due to Anglo’s efforts. There are many classics in the Anglo Library and some surprises like Cory Doctro’s Little Brother. Take a look at popular lists or successful campaigns to find free ebooks you will not find anywhere else. You will also find additional topics on the pages where authors have created their books for free.

5. UPenn’s Online Books Page (Web): Free Prohibited Books and Nobel Prize Winners

UPenn's online books page puts free ebooks in context

The University of Pennsylvania has put together a comprehensive list of free ebooks available on the Internet from a variety of sources. Not only that, it is categorized as useful lists for your reading pleasure.

For example, there is a full page dedicated to books that have won prizes from three prestigious literary awards: the Newbury, the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature. There is another wonderful article about banned books, where you can read them, to face the risks of excessive censorship. And the celebration of the subdivision of women writers has a variety of ways to discover the voice of women.

But the best section is special archives. The team at Yupen has effortlessly collected the best-selling book resources that specialize in different subjects. It varies from black writers and subjects to folklore to politics. There are also many regional and non-English resources.

6. Freebook Sifter (Web): Daily updated list of free books

Freebook Sifter is a list of free books updated daily on Amazon

Online book retailers often run deals where you can download the best books for free. Freebook Sifter is a daily updated list of which books are currently available for free on Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Project Gutenberg.

Created by the team behind the film review site Critic, Freebook Sifter’s list is easy to browse because it clearly shows the information you need to know. At a glance, you will find the book title, author, its Amazon rating and last verified. You can sort books by title, rating or added date and browse through many categories.

Subscribe to free new books

Free ebooks are essential for turbulent readers. Unlike a library where you can pick up books without paying, ebooks usually have to buy them directly. This is especially true of new releases and will cause a dent in your wallet.

A possible alternative to unlimited ebooks is to obtain a book subscription service such as Bookmate or Script. These are like Netflix, subscriptions that you can all read, where you can download a wide variety of quality ebooks. This is the closest thing to a library experience with the help of a reader.


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