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5 new features of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) you have never seen before - ntower

5 new features of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) you have never seen before – ntower

Most of you will be aware that the upcoming Nintendo Switch (OLED model) offers significantly better and larger display, more storage space, new stand and new Nintendo Switch station. Recently at Nintendo we were allowed to take the console into our own hands and focused specifically on innovations that Nintendo did not necessarily highlight in the release. We noticed five small discoveries that we would like to bring down exclusively for you.

1. Selection of screen colors in settings

If you handle the settings of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), you will notice some minor changes. For example, the ability to set colors is included. Many people are well aware of this from their smartphones because OLED screens have the special feature of selecting different color patterns to their liking. The new Nintendo Switch has two settings – “Lively” and “Standard”. The white color seemed so light to me due to the vibrant texture that I was able to better meet my taste with the quality texture. But every eye looks different, so there will definitely be some of you who like clear colors.

2. Better processing of console products

High quality materials feel very good and look beautiful.


Although the Joy-con is identical, you can tell that the console feels a significant difference in the hand. Although the original Nintendo Switch has a very smooth surface, the new model feels a bit rough. The contact with the large screen and the resulting high aspect ratio of the glass surface creates a remarkably valuable overall image. The new material may also improve the life of the console – but long-term tests will prove it. The Nintendo Switch Station is also well-executed, and above all, the transition between different products has become much better. This makes the device feel very valuable. The small rubber knobs on the bottom edge of the console also ensure the new model inserts into the station a little more quietly and the corrosion is minimal.

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3. Nintendo Switch Station will now receive software updates as well

Some of you may already be aware that Nintendo occasionally distributes software updates for Joy-Con. Often these updates will appear at the same time as the system updates of the console, but must be selected manually through the system settings. In fact, Joy-Khan updates from Nintendo are not really widely reported, so the resulting innovations are rarely known. In the settings of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), we found a system item that can now upgrade the Nintendo Switch station as well. This may do something with the newly built-in LAN port on the console. Since the station is compatible with the original Nintendo Switch, the question arises as to whether this menu item will be available on the original device settings via the link in the future.

4. Moved the slot for the micro SD card

Can you find the micro SD card slot in this picture?

Nintendo, Bildmontage: t ntower

In the past, the slot for microSD cards was behind the small platform of the console. As the stand now expands to the full width of the console, Nintendo has moved the microSD card slot slightly. Micro SD cards are no longer inserted from the bottom, but from the side. This change is not necessarily an improvement or degradation, but we quickly noticed it when we examined the console closely.

5. Playing in the sun is finally bearable

Who doesn’t know: on a wonderful day, the sun is shining, you can make yourself comfortable in a lounge in the garden or on the beach and pick up your Nintendo Switch console – then you won’t see anything. The content displayed is not visible on the screen of the original console or only with great effort. These issues may be a thing of the past because the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has a significantly brighter display, which means that the displayed content can be easily seen in the background. You can’t expect a complete lack of reflection, but you can clearly see that it reflects less light than the original Nintendo Switch model. With its sleek construction, OLED technology ensures that reflections can be better intercepted. As we find out in our practical test for how annoying the sun really is, the event took place in a closed room.

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