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Stratégie Mobile 2021 : 5 clés pour devenir app first !

5 keys to become an app first!

The French spend an average of 2H17 a day on the internet, mainly on mobile with one piece of advice: 2/3 of the time (-67%) according to Mediometry. So creating a reliable, secure and attractive mobile app is one of the major marketing challenges of 2021.

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Whether for brands and retailers or the media, it is now important to develop a mobile first marketing strategy to maintain, develop and support sales with its customers. In this logic, the mobile application allows a strong affirmation for the brand because it requires a relevant process: then downloading, application. What are the best practices for creating a visible and attractive mobile app?

  1. Work to your disgrace

If your customers or your target community want to download your app, it’s best to build your reputation upstream. A brand that is very popular, making downloads easy.

  1. Importance of UX

The experience of the mobile app should be simple, fluid, pleasant, safe and intuitive whether it is purchasing an item, assigning a service or consulting information. Utility carriers are your best customers, so do not do more harm than good without deceiving them by turning your app into a critical bug killer. Therefore the content provided should be relevant: useful features, value-added information. Plus: Customized content based on location and / or customer profile. New technologies allow you to add amazing features such as virtual or magnified reality to test a product.

  1. Take advantage of its audience

The first users of your app are familiar with your brand or your media: they already have customers, subscribers or readers, so it’s easy to trust the most relevant / relevant relevance of your app download.

So, make sure that any user of one of your digital sites offers to download your application through: emails and newsletters, banners on your mobile site.

  1. ASO (App Store Optimization): Think carefully about your SEO

Mentioning the app is not a step to be ignored as it will allow you to search for new users and emerge among the millions of apps available on Android or iOS. In best practices, like web SEO, it is a question of working on keywords, usually updating the application or caring about the quality of the comments and ratings given. One last thing to think about: Screen shots and videos will show off your app. Make sure you perform well on them and set yourself apart from your competitors.

  1. Invest in profitable acquisition levers

You need to implement a budget dedicated to digital advertising for the development of downloads for your mobile app, and search for similar audiences with Kafa or programmatically in other mobile applications.

Obviously, take advantage of mobile media and preferably “in-app” advertising (within applications): there are shortcuts between your target audience, available traffic, the most impressive formats, opportunities. Targeting and tracking and measuring capabilities.

Finally, anticipating and anticipating the optimal and protocol application of the mobile application, in the administration of the Bush announcements, represents a strong lever that can be seen and read, but they are also considered intrusive if there is a shipping frequency. To the extent of engaging in improving the mobile experience (or how long the purchase lasted after the download).

President Philip LECLERCQ signs on Tribune Ad4Screen

For more information, see Philip Leklerk’s speech at Marketing Week: Re

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