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Mail Mole

3D Platform Mail Mole flows to Nintendo Switch this March – ntower

About this game

Mail Mole is a colorful 3D platform game about Moldi, his adventure to save the fast Mailman Mole and Carrot Land. Discover incredible worlds, make new friends, compete against McMolls and get ready for an epic adventure.

Emergency delivery

Underground, climbing walls or floating in the air … our hero can go anywhere! With the help of artillery lines, Moldi will have to master the most difficult challenges to get the most hidden mailboxes in Carrotland: shallow wells, quicksand, avalanches, floating bridges, steep cliffs … a rocky path, but without electricity, you can’t send emails!

Welcome to Carrot Land

From the cozy beaches in the Coconut Islands to the frozen cliffs on the ridges of the Yeti, Morty must complete his tasks, make friends, fight the mysterious robomolus, solve puzzles and find the most delicious collections. Take an adventurous journey around the most important delivery of your life … before it’s too late!

A city and a story

In Paradise Flats, the capital of Carrot Land, you will meet a diverse crowd of neighbors who are concerned about suspicious power outages. But don’t worry, you’ll be on Moldi’s skin and will help repair power plants, and you’ll be rewarded with great clothes!

Lots of accessories

A sleek top hat, a cute bunny tie or an eye-catching jet bag makes Mold the most stylish mole!