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3 DFX Withdrawal: Scheduled for Thursday, August 5th

3 DFX Withdrawal: Scheduled for Thursday, August 5th

Seems to be the iconic and memorable brand of video cards, 3dfx interactive, Will return after 20 years of inactivity. At least according to this Twitter account Created now, an important one is expected The announcement is scheduled for Thursday, August 5th.

As fans are well aware, 3dfx is the best protagonist in this field Video cards in the 90s With the brand Woodoo. In particular, remember the introduction of the first voodoo, accelerator card that came with the main video card in the computer to manage the three-dimensional calculations of video games.

At that time the company was a competitor NvidiaHowever, it did not reach a significant level and did not fight to get investments until bankruptcy was declared. Its assets were bought by Nvidia in 2002 for $ 70 million.

It’s not clear what kind of announcement there could be on August 5th, but if it were really a video card, we’d be a new major competitor in a field that already sees Nvidia, AMD and Intel as key protagonists.

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